About Us

Baseball instills the values of everyday life, such as building character, drive and a strong work ethic. Fortunately this career, like no other, you can start working at it at the age of five as long as you keep it fun. The instructors at these academies also work as guidance counselors, talking with different colleges about their students on grades, Sat scores and scholarships. In today’s age sports and schooling work hand in hand, from going to school just to play the sport to maintaining grades in order to play that sport. As a teacher in Baseball, I feel it’s more important to start at an early age so when it’s time to go to college there are no surprises. At Stevie Hine’s Sports each student /athlete will arrive with particular strengths and goals. My staff and I will aim to compliment and develop each player according to those assets best enabling them to prepare for a successful future. The Academy is all about professional training for amateur athletes. Its components include a series of drills and training in the technical, physical and mental aspects of the game.

Stevie Hine’s Sports provides that with a clubhouse type of atmosphere. An instructor who has at least 8 years experience will teach each student, some have up to 15yrs. This provides inspiration for the students to work harder and also it gives the students the opportunity to talk about the different situations on the professional levels.

The mission of Stevie Hine’s Sports is to provide professional instruction to amateurs as well as collegiate players in a total comprehensive/development program. Its objective is to open up new doorways for young athletes. Its purpose is to provide a truly comprehensive program for each student/athlete regardless of skill level. SHS settles for nothing less than a complete fulfillment of their potential as an athlete and person.

Private one on one instruction with a professional instructor.

Steve Hine is a local guy who played for the Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Team USA as well as the Bridgeport Bluefish.